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Remy Voodoo Ent. Presents: It’s a Ska World after all 2013! The 3rd Annual Ska day at Disneyland

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That’s Right! It’s a Ska World after all™! Ska day at Disneyland! October 20th, 2013!! Mark it in your Calendar! You don’t wanna miss out on this one! It’s a day of Music, Peace, Unity, Anti-Violence, & Anti-Racism. All at the happiest place on earth! Bring the family!

Sunday October 20th, 2013! It’s a Ska World after all!”-Trip to Disneyland, Ca!!! Rude boys and Girls from All over Enjoy a day at Disneyland! With A Prize Filled Scavenger hunt through our Twitter, & Photo Ops. Be Sure to wear your best Attire! Wear your Suits, Dresses, Aquabat gear, Band t-shirt, Checkered anything, Polo Shirts, Button ups, Hawaiian shirts, ANYTHING to show your support.

Day Schedule:

All Day - The SKAvenger hunt! Prizes are given away all day via our Twitter, so follow us and make sure your mobile alerts are turned on! We will tweet a clue to the location of one of our Ska World staff members. First to find them wins a prize. One Prize per person.

12:00 P.M. 1st SKAvenger hunt clue.

1:00pm - Group Photo. Anyone that wishes to be in the Ska world group photo should meet in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at 1:00pm. The photo will be taken at approximately 1:10pm after which, we will proceed as a group to Star Tours. Why? BECAUSE STAR WARS KICKS MAJOR BOOTY! Honestly, Last time we rode this with a huge group of people, it was tons of fun!

We’ll also be doing The Tiny 2-Tone Photo Opp- For parents and kids up to age 11. Also a trivia question will be asked. First to answer it right, gets a prize. Disney & Ska based questions will be asked.

2:30 (ish depending when we’re all done with Star Tours) pm 2nd SKAvenger hunt clue.

3:00pm Meet n Greet lunch-Everybody buy your favorite food item (Turkey legs, Clam Chowder, Corn dogs, Chicken Fusilli, Deep fried cheesecake, Dole whip ice cream) And meet at Tomorrowland Terrace! Also a trivia question will be asked. First to answer it right, gets a prize. Disney & Ska based questions will be asked.

4:30- 3rd SKAvenger hunt clue.

5:30pm - It’s a Small world after all - Join us as we ride on a ride that recognize people of all Races! This is where we will be taking count of how many people attend this years event. Also a trivia question will be asked. First to answer it right, gets a prize. Disney & Ska based questions will be asked.

After Hours If you decide to stick around the park after, here are some cool meet-up options.

9:25pm - Fireworks!!! UuUuUuUuoo. OoOoOoh!! AaAaAaAah! (SHARK BAIT OH HA HA!!!) Meet up by the Tomorrowland entrance.

11:00pm or 12:00Am - Late night Denny’s dinner - In true OC Ska Crew Fashion! Our Tradition after every Ska show is to eat at the cheapest, most unhealthy all nighter restaurant. DENNY’S!! So come on down as we munch on Grand slams, Cheese fries, & Pancake Puppies! 2005 East Katella Avenue, Anaheim, CA This restaurant is located across the street from the grove of Anaheim. Cross streets are Katella and State College

THIS IS NOT A CONCERT AT DISNEYLAND! SEE INFO ABOVE ON WHAT WE’RE DOING! We also usually have a Concert the night before, so keep an ear out

If you’re a Band, Vendor, Scooter club, DJ, Clothing Company, Would like to sponsor us, or just interested in helping, Contact Remy:


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We are not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company or Disneyland. Please do not contact them about this event as they will have no information. If you have questions, please feel free to email us through our contact pages.

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